Historic Preservation

The Preservation Commission promotes the use of and perpetuates, protects and preserves areas and structures of historic and architectural value for the education, pleasure and welfare of the citizens of the City of West Branch. It serves as a liaison to the City government. Three-year terms are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council.



Historic Preservation Commission Meetings

January 28, 2019AgendaN/AVideo
June 21, 2018AgendaPacketVideo
May 31, 2018AgendaPacketVideo
February 8, 2018AgendaPacket Video
August 15, 2017AgendaPacketVideo
August 1, 2017AgendaPacketVideo
July 11, 2017AgendaPacketVideo
April 24, 2017AgendaPacketVideo
April 6, 2017AgendaPacketVideo
February 9, 2017AgendaPacketVideo
November 15, 2016AgendaPacketVideo
January 28, 2016AgendaPacketVideo
December 8, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
November 17, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
September 29, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
September 15, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
August 11, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
July 30, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
May 26, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
March 31, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
January 29, 2015AgendaPacketVideo
December 9, 2014AgendaPacketVideo
November 18, 2014AgendaPacketVideo
June 18, 2014AgendaPacketVideo
May 15, 2014AgendaPacketVideo
April 17, 2014AgendaPacketVideo
October 3, 2013AgendaPacketVideo
July 25, 2013AgendaPacketVideo
June 25, 2013AgendaPacketVideo
May 23, 2013AgendaPacketVideo
April 18, 2013AgendaPacketVideo
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