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Conditions for Use

Before completing the reservation form below, please read the following conditions for use.

  • There is no charge for using the Beranek Park Shelter or Volleyball Courts
  • Decorating is allowed, any staples, nails or tacks used must be removed from any wood surface.
  • Persons renting the shelter shall clean up and leave it in the condition in which they found it.
  • You are responsible for checking the shelter and park grounds for any litter left behind from your group.
  • All trash must be collected in the proper receptacles.
  • Shelter floor must be swept when done. Brooms and dust pans are not provided.
  • All decorations must be removed at the end of the event or they will be disposed of.
  • Picnic tables must be wiped clean.
  • Open fires will be allowed, but limited to the designated fire receptacles. Fires must be supervised, extinguished, and cleaned up before exiting the park.
  • Alcohol consumption shall take place only during normal park hours and shall remain within the park grounds at all times.
  • Damage to the park facilities will result in an assessment for the cost of replacement materials and resulting labor.
  • Please be respectful of the property owners adjacent to the park.


The following dates and times, if any, have already been reserved:

Shelter Sand Volleyball Court 1
Sand Volleyball Court 2 Sand Volleyball Court 3
Sand Volleyball Court 4  


Please note that every reservation will be reviewed by city staff prior to approval.  Please allow 48 hours for reservations to take place.  You may also print out a paper form for the Beranek Park Shelter and return it to the city office.

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    ShelterSand Volleyball Court 1Sand Volleyball Court 2Sand Volleyball Court 3Sand Volleyball Court 4

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