Cubby Park Project

Information regarding the Cubby Park project

Cubby Park Bid Documents

Cubby Park Improvement Construction Meeting

  • Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 6:00pm
  • West Branch Council Chambers- 110 N Poplar Street, West Branch
  • Contact Parks and Recreation Director Melissa Russel at 319-930-0393 or with any questions or concerns.
  • This meeting is open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend with any questions or concerns they have regarding the construction phase.



Following are the links to download the plans, specifications, and contract documents for the Cubby Park Improvements.

2017_1114 16-072 Ph2 Bid

2017_1114_16-072 Ph1 Bid

2017-11-03 BID SET Cubby Park – West Branch – D0576-01

Specifications Book

Performance, Payment, Maintenance Bond (rev.1)

Cubby Park is proposed to be bid as one large project with the project to be completed by November 2, 2018. There is an intermediate milestone to have the ball fields constructed and seeded by June 15 in order to establish the playing surface adequately to allow for use in the 2019 season. Also note there is a proposed 4-year maintenance bond (warranty) period for the entire project. Some individual items will have extended warranties depending on supplier/manufacturer.

The proposed schedule for bidding the project is as follows:

December 4 (regular meeting) – approve plans and specs; set dates for hearing and letting

December 5 – issue plans and specs to contractors (mail notices)

Publish notice between December 23 and December 28 (this will be a problem for the Times since they do not publish between Christmas and New Year’s; could publish in the Press-Citizen instead)

January 2 (regular meeting) – public hearing on plans and specs

January 11 – letting

January 15 (regular meeting) – review bids and award


January 16, 2018 Update

Cubby Park Project received 5 responsive bids on January 11, 2018.  The lowest bid was Needham Excavating, Inc. from Walcott, IA..  January 16, 2018 the  West Branch City Council accepted and awarded the Cubby Park Project  to Needham Construction for a total of $2,945,427.39.

Click here for Cubby Park Bid Tab.  16-072 – Bid Tab

Click here for Cubby Park rendering. 16-072 Cubby Park Render