City of West Branch

The City Government of West Branch works to ensure the success of the many parts that make up the community.  Streets, Water & Sewer, Parks, and Safety – all are governed within the operation of the city government.

The City Government is run, first and foremost, by members of the community who provide the overall decision-making.  The City Council, presided over by the Mayor, provide the primary decision and lawmaking body of the city.  The City Council meets in the City Council Chambers at 110 N Poplar St. on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7pm.  Overseeing individual areas are various Boards and Commissions.

Daily operations are conducted by the city departments and staff.

City Office

Phone: (319)643-5888
Fax: (319)643-2305

110 N Poplar St.
PO Box 218
West Branch, Iowa 52358


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