Daily Archives: April 3, 2019

Downtown East Redevelopment Project

Downtown East Redevelopment Project – The City of West Branch is very interested in hearing from qualified developers (individuals or firms) interested in presenting a viable design and development concept for a mixed-use development on 3.450 acres of real estate located in Downtown West Branch, Iowa, owned by the City of West Branch.  The site has recently been used as concrete ready-mix plant.  Using existing grain elevators… the city is looking for a creative approach to development that accommodates entertainment venues such as a city market, hotel, housing, brewery and/or other significant mixed-used developments on the site (all ideas will get considerable review and investigation).  The following documents are intended to provided interested developers and investors with background information that could assist their research and value propitiation processes.

  • Reuse Report (large file)
  • Scheme 1 Video
  • Scheme 1 Fly-through Video
  • Scheme 2 Video
  • Scheme 2 Fly-through Video