Community Access: Channel 5

West Branch Community Access Channel 5 can be viewed on both Mediacom and Liberty Communications. The Access Channel 5 center is located in the media room adjacent to the Council Chambers at 110 North Poplar Street. Phone (city office): 319-643-5888. Community Access Channel 5 provides a unique opportunity for people to create their own television.


The WBCATV-Channel 5 Community Message Board can deliver your message to nearly 1,000 households. Please e-mail Matt Muckler, City Administrator at matt@westbranchiowa.org to post a message.

Do you have a viewpoint to express? The facility offers a multi-camera production studio, video editing for both tape and digital formats, and a full array of portable audio visual equipment, including cameras, recorders, and microphones. There is trained staff to help you get started and there is no charge for community members.

The WBCATV-Channel 5 is a volunteer-friendly space. To find out more, you can read the Policies for Using the Local Cable Channel